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Dear some people,

I don't understand...I hope there is camera that catches how people look like when they were desperate to get married. How they were fighting to get children. How they were eager to open their own business or get that dream job.

I remember their faces, their words, their struggle to get there...And now what...broken relationships not being fought for to keep....children being raised by domestic helpers...nagging about how hard their job is...

It's a pity how lazy we became. It feels so bad and so wrong to fight to make something happen and then...do nothing to maintain it! I hope my message would be taken as a wake up call not as a critique because we all make mistakes and we all need a clap in the face to wake up sometimes!

Let's fight hard to get something, let's fight harder to keep it!

Have a great day.

Jade William Dagher
SME Business Strategist
+961 4 977355
+961 70226969
[email protected]

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